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Interviewer: Why is it your favorite film? What’s the story?

Fernando: I think it’s a very nice way to portray history as well as love, the love of a father towards his son. He hides his son (both are Jewish) from the Germans and spends the whole movie pretending everything is wonderful. They’re playing a “game”, it’s all just a game to him, one he plays to protect his son. I think it’s a very good depiction of the society we are living in. (…) What I love about the movie is that these were people who tried their best to remain optimistic for their children. They didn’t want them to be affected by the real world and the real situations, because they (the children) couldn’t understand what was happening, not really. This situation was the limit of that, of course… he knew it was very likely he would die, that everyone would die, but he did everything to make his son believe that there was hope, and that he had a chance to get away from that world, which is what happens at the end of the film. The kid is the only one who survives. Even if the father got the worst part of it, he knew that there were others who still had hope for a better life. Spain is going through a very difficult time now, family and friends of mine have been affected by what is happening, and I think that even now, this film is a very good portrayal of situations like those. And it will always be. I hope you get to watch it.

collections that are raw as fuck ➝ elie saab f/w 2013-14

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Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture


Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Couture

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ zuhair murad s/s 2013

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Fernando, Nora and Leo Torres during Chelsea's Lap of Honour - 19.15.2013 (x)

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